Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angry Gary Does Kesha! (then vomits on self)

“Don’t think that because I haven’t blogged lately that I’m not angry, it’s just that my anger has finally percolated to its boiling point”
- John Keats

Like accidentally sitting on the thorny bastard child of an unholy union between a porcupine and a thorn beetle, the subject of today’s blog-scussion has been sticking in my craw for exactly 17 months now. For you see, dear reader, 17 months ago was when I first discovered the “musical artist” I’ll be discussing below.

In the shallow yet bloated world of entertainment you have a few different types of people. There are those select few that possess both looks and talent together in abundance. These are your sexy Scarlett Johanssons or your dashing Gary Oldmans. Good people, talented at what they do, and worthy of your praise.  HAVE YOU FUCKING SEEN THE FILM ROMEO IS BLEEDING???  I haven't either, but I heard Oldman was great in it.

Next there's the middle ground - a collection of unfortunate celebs that have only one of the two attributes (looks or talent), but not the other.

These are people like Amy Winehouse who happens to have the vocal talent of someone whose voice box was created by an advanced society of oratory robots on the distant planet of Songtunia - and when you listen to her it gives your brain an orgasm:


But then unfortunately, they look like a truck used their face as target practice:


And of course there’s the opposite amongst this middle ground. Those who look good fixing my car:


But couldn’t act her way out of the plastic bag I kidnapped her in.


THEN, there are those that have neither looks nor talent. The ones for whom Angry Gary’s blood boils.  The undeserved nature of their fame taunting and nauseating me like the feeling I get before walking into a crowded movie theatre full of jack-asses waiting to guffaw in my ear at the slightest hint of humour on screen. One of those ugly and talentless fuckwits goes by the name of Kesha.


Yeah, I know she spells her name with a dollar sign. BUT I'M NOT FUCKING GOING TO. Why not?  For the same reason I don’t draw fucking hearts on my exclamation points!!!! See? NO!!!!! HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This volunteer youth-church-choir reject got her start when she trespassed on Prince’s lawn after an all-night drug binge. No, I’m not citing my fucking sources on that, but half of it or more is actually completely true! From then on it’s been a fraudulent skyrocket to fame coasting on the invention of a Mr. Andy Hildebrand, creator of the auto-tune. That’s right, without it she’d most definitely sound like two cats fighting on a chalkboard. She’ll NEVER perform without her mic being plugged into this crooner’s crutch, and I would fucking give anything to be backstage at one of her concerts so I could pull the plug on that particular plug-in. I imagine it would sound like when Bart Simpson and his friends formed a boy band and were only successful because of their Studio Magic Voice Enhancer.


Then of course there’s her looks. I know what you’re thinking – “Hey, looks are subjective, everyone has different taste, be nice Angry Gary” to which I reply with this comparison picture:


That’s right, that’s Kesha on the left, and John Travolta on the right. What sort of fucking reality exists where any straight dude would want his wiener anywhere near that weenie roast? RUN THE FUCK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. And what has her fame garnered her? A makeup line? NOPE. A clothing line? NOPE. Perhaps a line of hair products that make your hair look super fucking stringy? Nope. How about a product that draws as much attention away from her donkey-ass face as possible. That’s right, a line of WATCHES. No, not fancy watches like Rolex or Omega, but those at the pinnacle of high society and good taste – CASIO. That’s right, she’s the face of casio – or should I say the wrist of casio. In case you don’t know what a casio wrist watch looks like:


So in conclusion (and if you’re joining us late), I hate Kesha. More than I hate most talentless/fugly famous people. It’s people like this that make me believe that someone - somewhere - is accepting deals for your soul in exchange for fame and wealth. But one of these days, the devil will come to collect, and you have nothing else left to barter with YOU FUCKING FRAUD.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Spoiler Alert - An Angry Gary PSA

Spoiler Alert!

An Angry Gary Public Service Announcement

Disclaimer: The below rant does NOT contain any spoilers about the season finale of Dexter, but does reveal the following spoilers –

* Who shot J.R.?

* Who shot Mr. Burns?

* Who shot Liberty Valance?

OK, seriously what the fuck is wrong with people out there that don’t understand what a spoiler is? Webster’s Online defines a spoiler as “an airfoil mounted on the rear of a car to reduce lift at high speeds”. But that’s only because I was too fucking angry to scroll down the damn fucking search result page! No, you see, it actually means SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SHOWS/MOVIES BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE HAS SEEN THE DAMN SHOW/MOVIE YET, YOU FUCKHEAD!! (I’ve just submitted that in ALL CAPS to websters.com, and they better fucking approve it!)

Scenario: I’ve PVR’d one of my fucking FAVORITE shows on television because I’m not some sort of fucking Weird-Al-in-the-movie-UHF loving fuckball glued to my fucking television set every night of the week. I’m the type of guy that likes to see friends that particular night, get a good night's sleep, and then go to work the following day, you know, because I’m PART OF FUCKING SOCIETY. And then the next day, while I’m at work - bam, whadya know, some dick fuck decides it’s acceptable to post the EXPLICIT DETAILS about how Dexter ends in a news feed that pops up in Facebook. THEN this person has the audacity to immediately post AFTERWARDS that there is a spoiler alert above what he/she’s just written. AND THEN NOT EVEN DELETE THE ORIGINAL POST. That’s like someone coming up to me back in the summer of 1980 and having the following conversation with me:

Fuckhead - Hey dude, what’s up?

Circa-1980’s Angry Gary - Not much man, just listening to some Air Supply.

Fuckhead – Cool man, cool, hey wasn’t that season finale of Dallas so tubular?

Circa-1980’s Angry Gary – Totally bro, I wonder who shot JR, I have no idea.

Fuckhead – It was Kristin Shepard.

Circa-1980’s Angry Gary – Are you fucking serious?

Fuckhead – Totally, I worked on the 8 track mixdown of the episode over at CBS.

Circa-1980’s Angry Gary – You are a CIRCA 1980'S FUCKWANKER.

Fuckhead - Sorry dude – I guess I should’ve said spoiler alert!

Fuckhead - (muffled bludgeoning noises)

I get it. Back then it was to be expected – if you didn’t see the damn show when it aired, you were fuck out of luck. EVERYONE watched the damn fucking show when it was revealed. But not these days! These days’ people have fucking lives! And fucking PVR’s! OH and perhaps maybe they’re watching the seasons on DVD and haven’t even caught up to the current fucking season!! Ever think about that?? CAN’T THERE BE SOME FUCKING CONSIDERATION FOR PEOPLE THAT CAN’T AFFORD CABLE AND HAVE TO WAIT TILL THEIR DAMN AUNT EDNA WITH HER LAZY FUCKING EYE AND GIVING NATURE PUTS THE 4TH SEASON OF DEXTER UNDER THEIR DAMN CHRISTMAS TREE??? Nope, apparently that’s too much to ask these days.

So here’s my public service announcement:

(Music in)

Hello, I'm Angry Gary, here to let you know that if you're going to start a fucking dialogue about something you saw one fucking night ago, please have the courtesy to start your coversation like this:

Not A Fuckhead – Hey, Angry Gary, did you see the finale of Dexter last night?
Angry Gary - Indeed I did, person that isn't a fuckhead...(proceeds to discuss and analyze and be merry)


Fuckhead – Hey, Angry Gary, did you see how Maggie shot Mr. Burns last night but the whole episode it seemed as if Homer did it? But it was Maggie?

Angry Gary – (AGHAST)

THE MORE YOU KNOW*********************

(fade out)

See the difference? Good. Thank you for listening, and do enjoy the finale of Dexter. If you don’t watch Dexter then just get your damn Uncle Leroy with his lazy fucking hip to get you seasons 1-3 on DVD or Blu Ray this Christmas. You’ll thank Angry Gary for it.

P.S. The man who shot Liberty Valance was Tom Doniphon, and not Rance Stoddard.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh...You Guys Are Together...I See...

Angry Gary loves the cinema. Loves the escape, the wonder, the suspension of disbelief. But as is the case with many things, Angry Gary gets angry when his experience is FUCKING RUINED. By which I mean when viewing certain movies my disbelief cannot POSSIBLY be suspended due to the fact that what’s being presented is entirely IM-FUCKING-PLAUSIBLE. And when does this occur you ask?

When Morpheus tells Neo about the Matrix? Nope, I bought it.

When Jason Statham falls from a plane onto a car and survives in Crank? Nope, it could happen.

When Martin Lawrence dons his fat suit and plays 17 characters in the same scene? Nope, that's like a regular thanksgiving in my book.

It’s when they put two fucking people together in a “relationship” and expect us to swallow that this would ever happen EVER in real life. And below I’ve listed my top offenders, in an effort to alleviate some of this angry pain.


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Two People in Relationship

Micheal Cera and Alexis Dziena

Why Not?

No, I didn’t go out and watch this movie in theatres, or even on DVD. I had to watch it for work, so don’t get your knickers in a twist thinking Angry Gary has gone all soft. Here’s my theory about Michael Cera. I just think he isn’t aware that he’s actually being filmed in anything. I think he just goes about his life, and the situations he gets himself in of his own accord somehow get turned into a movie plot and subsequently filmed. Sure, he wonders what all those funny guys in “crew” shirts are doing around him, and why sometimes night is lit up like day when his Paul Frank watch clearly indicates it’s not daytime, but I really think he just goes about his normal daily business, getting into fucked up and completely unlikely scenarios, then receives a big cheque at the end of 3 months for work he doesn’t remember doing. Because he really is just always acting like HIMSELF. Which is why when this movie wrapped he wondered why Alexis all of a sudden stopped acting like his girlfriend, and Kat Denning didn’t call him back the next day cause she had to fly to Spain for another movie. Imagine him there at a coffee place that morning saying “hmm…oh…uhh…oh…” (verbatim)



Knocked Up

Two People in Relationship

Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl

Why Not?

Yes, I’m aware they only initially hook up because her state of drunkenness at the time clearly approaches that of your Russian uncle. And I suppose having a baby with someone is motivation to stick around after the fact. But come on, how drunk could she possibly be? She doesn’t weigh a lot, and to consume the amount of alcohol it would take to make Pubey-Chest-Hair-Rogen look good should by all accounts be enough to “knock” her unconscious. But it isn’t. And in fact, she seems fairly aware of the situation at the time. Kudos though to her acting abilities for being able to get her through those scenes. Or perhaps the producers simply hired an actress with a secret fondness for Chewbacca. MAHHHH.



The Mummy

Two People in Relationship

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz

Why Not?



Two People in Relationship

Ben Stiller and Carmen Electra


Starsky and Hutch

Why Not?

Oh look at me, I crack a couple jokes and direct some movies, and since I’m partially financing this flick I’m going to just pick a dream girl to star as my love interest, don’t worry, everyone will buy it! Well, Mr. Stiller, I’m not forking over my duckets for this sale. (Cause I torrented the shit out of this one). And now that ol' Benny has the clout and the finances he can pretty much make WHATEVER FUCKING MOVIE HE WANTS and put whoever he wants in it! Kind of like the director of our next movie on the list...



Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Two People in Relationship

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

Why Not?

OK, this one really burns me up. REALLY burns me up. You’re telling me that I’m supposed to believe that ANY woman out there would be interested enough in Javier Bardem to have a passionate relationship. REALLY? REALLY?? Look at him in that picture, he looks like Uncle Fester in a bowl hair wig! And his face looks like it was hit by a truck! We’re not talking the Owen Wilson “Oh, look at my fucked up polygonal nose, hee hee isn’t it unique?” face here. We’re talking full on face smashing. I would be sensitive if he’d been in an accident, but I did my research! That’s all him!! And it’s not even like a regular relationship. It’s European!! That’s like 100 times the passion!! Gross disgusting Addams Family passion!!


Two People in Relationship

Jack Black and Ana de la Reguera


Nacho Libre

Why Not?

Follow this for a moment, something I like to call “The Trail of Sweat”. Men are known to sweat. Men sweat in heat. Men sweat more in Mexican heat. Men sweat in Mexican heat even more when they weigh 300 lbs. Men sweat even MORE in Mexican heat when they weight 300 lbs and wear FULL BODY FUCKING SPANDEX. And that is Jack Black’s character in this movie. Sweaty and flabby to the nth degree. What could possibly be more appealing to his love interest? I don’t know, how about something even REMOTELY LESS SWEATY than an amorphous blob that is so covered in clear fluid that I confuse him with the creature from the movie Leviathan.


Two People in Relationship

Ryan Reynolds with anyone in film or real life.


Many. And also the movie of real life.

Why Not?

Sorry Jen, but no. I can’t believe it. This guy is one step away from being Dane Cook. And that’s two steps away from being the swamp creature. Some might say I’m biased because he’s with the most incredible woman on earth, but no, that has nothing to do with it. I swear. And Jessica Biel in Blade 3? REALLY?!?!? If his character had hooked up with Wesley Snipes character from that movie I would’ve found that 100% more believable! And 75% less unsettling! Yeah, "peace" right back at you bro.

I’m not going to win this one. I’m sure there are those of you out there that are saying “Angry Gary, you’re a fucking idiot, that dude is a babe.” To which I respond, yes. I understand you feel that way. And you know what other dude out there gets a lot of ladies? The young man pictured below. That’s right, Angry Gary’s theory is and always has been that even Carrot Top gets the ladies. Proof positive that there is a chance for us regular guys that are at least somewhat better looking than the evil mutated twin of Ronald McDonald.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Girls That Get Random Messages From Dudes

An AngryGary Thesis

There are many types of people that bother Angry Gary on a daily basis, from the local grocer who raises his waffle prices on Friday's because he KNOWS I love waffles on Saturday, to the guy that pulls up at the stop sign to the left of you and thinks that by not looking you in the eye he can get away with speeding through the intersection before you do as he meanders along to his job in middle management where he spends his days looking at anime porn. Then there are the types of people, specifically dudes, who send random, unsolicited messages through Myspace/Facebook to women they don't know/have a chance with in the hopes of bedding them.

Suck on THAT segue, Paul Blart - Mall Cop!

A girl I know who shall remain anonymous - let's call her A. Orr - no no that's too obvious - let's call her Amanda O - receives these types of messages on a near daily basis. Some of them are hilarious, some are lazy, some are just creepy - but ALL of them are pathetic. She has been gracious enough to share a few with me for the purposes of this blog/thesis. Let us delve into the minds of these creatures for a moment and try to determine what makes them tick, shall we? All messages are verbatim.


whats your msn cutie


OK, subject A, aside from your ability to somehow have FOUR grammatical errors in a sentence with FOUR words, a feat not seen since the infamous "i haz a bucket" one has to be impressed by the quality of photo generated from your circa 2002 Nokia flip phone that you obviously spent your shirt money on.


Because either you're naturally shiny (greasy) or you have fantastic Photoshop skills. And since it's most likely the former, Amanda won't be impressed. And also, this is what women get ALL THE TIME from guys, and it's just lazy. So lazy.


I am staying in downtown toronto area for a week before i head back to US. I was wondering if you would like to hang out withme sometime as a friend. Next time you visit US, you got a friend's place to crash at ma condo in Michigan, NY and Kansas City. :) bye


As turned on as Amanda may be by your cargo shorts and inability to effectively fasten a fanny pack in the proper manner, I find it interesting that you specify that you're looking for only a "friend" not once but TWICE in your short message. Crash at your condo? In Michigan? Michigan, which is apparently a city in New York. Yeah, cause when I'm in New York State, the #1 city as a tourist destination I think of is FUCKING MICHIGAN. Oh but you also have Kansas City? There are two condos in the deal? That certainly does sweeten the pot, because she would be an outright WHORE if there was only one condo involved. Oh and I bet there's two bedrooms in each condo, right? Or is she sleeping on the floor? Whatever the arrangement, I know she'll be happy just hanging out as "friends" while you show her slides of your recent "vacation" to Washington D.C. Good luck with all of that.


Cause friends don't ask friends to come to Michigan, NY.


Just wanted you to know...
...that you're absolutely perfect and way too far away... ...not that I'm perfect or anything. :P


What do you mean you're not perfect? You’re the epitome of sexuality and swagger, a man only imagined in the deepest recesses of desire in the...OH WAIT YOU LOOK LIKE SATAN. And no, for the record, YOU'RE not too far away because your face is RIGHT FUCKING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Oh but tee hee your self-deprecation makes me question my initial instinct to MACE YOU IN THE FACE if you were to approach me in public. HEE HEE, congratulations I am now confused.


Because she can't see the other half of your face, and that's a deal breaker, cause that side could be your mutant side, or the side you're showing could be your mutant side, either way, mutants lose points.



Your page has flair and rockstar hair...Ok so I attempted to rhyme to grab your attention. Did it work? We shall see!
Your a videogame geek eh? how many guys message you asking to play video games with you? Cute video game girls are like the holy grail to male geeks everywhere. But I am guessing you have experienced that already? So i want to chat sometime, make some friends and stuff. Not sure how you feel about that but it would be nice to learn more. Hope the rainy gloom of the city goes away cus this weekend is gonna be hawt! If you want to check my page best use internet explorer. I do photography on the side of life so check my blog out if you want to see it.


Yeah dude, the quickest way to a nerdy girls heart is to tell her that your page is optimized for internet explorer. Next you’ll be telling her about this “hawt” new music program called Real Player. Good one. Oh shit, I saw what you did there when talking about this weekend - you almost baited her into asking about why your weekend would be so "hawt", and that would totally open up a dialog - what an indirect way of eliciting a response from her! CLEVER! And no, I've never heard any guy that likes video games EVER say that they like cute girls that like video games. That is literally the first time I've ever heard anyone even suggest that. Blindsided.


Your picture. And your words.


Hi! Your heart has a beauty that I find in no other. Your warmth and compassion inspire me to take new risks and grow daily, refining me into a better person. Your eyes hold a sexiness and a passion others can only long for. As long as my heart beats, I shall seek out your soul and feel fulfilled! you have a lovely name amanda,that remind me the song of don william title amanda. pls i need your reply.


Ok, I produce and write promos for the W Network, and let me just tell you, this is miles beyond any of the copy I am capable of writing. If you get the W Network in Nigeria, please tune in next month to see that I have used every word of your message in a script and not given you credit for it. I now claim this ballad of words as my own and all rights to it in perpetuity. And yes, I WOULD like to help withdraw Prince Phillpe's money out of escrow and will be sending you $6,000 by wire shortly to expedite the transactions.


They aren’t that slim, I’ll trade her for more of those fancy fancy words I can then use for work.

(picture withheld)


Randon tax question for ya dollface - how much do you think your return will be this year? i'm only getting $347...i call BS! what does $347 get you these days. add me as a friendo and let me know-o

Oh my god, is this how Canada Revenue operates their auditing service now? I'm screwed! Oh no, it's just another in a long line of randoms. If calling a girl you don't know "dollface" doesn’t get her to drop her pants, then certainly asking about her finances will! Yeah!! That's the ticket! I'll tell you what $347 gets you. A hooker and some ice cream.


Because rhyming "friendo" with "know-o" is about as clever as rhyming fuckface with...look you've gone and stumped me. you win, you LITERARY GENIUS.



hi...can i take your eyes?...becouse they are so beatiful..:))

wow are you as naughty as you look to be...god i hope so

hi u r very cute!! how r u doing? wanna tlak? Im karen from TO..lol

so um ya.............marry me?




hey wot up
nice baby pic




Because the RCMP is at your door.

Do YOU have any creepy/funny/weird dudes (or chicks) that randomly message you? Email them to me so I can use them in an upcoming blog!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow: Fantastic Fun Flakes or Dangerous Weapons of Meteorological Destruction?

Hey there, late 20’s to early 30’s hipster! Remember your youth? Angry Gary remembers his. Lil’ Angry running around with snow pants on, frolicking in the snow, tobogganing at the local slope, snowball fights in the school yard. Remember that?


Allow me to elaborate.

There are quite a few wars going on right now in the world (actually approximately 30 or so), but the local media wants us to believe that none have as much importance and terror as the one piling up in brown slushy piles outside our doors. That’s right, I’m talking about THE WAR ON WINTER. When in the flying fuck did certain “news” outlets become such alarm inducing crank factories?? The pictures their articles paint certainly do NOT represent the reality of what it is actually like to live in a country that is next to the FUCKING ARCTIC CIRCLE.

It’s snow people, and it gets cold. It’s always been cold. This isn’t some new development here! Want to frolic in the snow? Prepare to get a snow plow straight up your ass. Want to toboggan? TOO DANGEROUS. Friendly snowball fight with your neighborhood policeman? TASER TO THE BALLS.

Seriously, I’m getting sick and tired and angry at people huddled in a corner somewhere afraid to go outside because the temperature drops below -10. Here’s a tip, wear some fucking gloves! Don’t believe the headlines that “The worst of the weather terror is yet to come”, or that “snowfall will make your commute a nightmare”. Judge Judy flogging me with a large cucumber is Angry Gary’s nightmare, not some fucking WATER PARTICLES THAT HAVE FROZEN AND ARE FALLING TO THE GROUND IN A MAGICAL FASHION. GAHHH!!!!!!!111!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Angry Gary Goes to the Movies

So you would think that travelling to a movie theatre only 2 km away from your home, to see a children’s movie at night, on a Monday, would NOT illicit any amount of Anger. But I suppose that saying Angry Gary doesn’t get angry is like saying Stinky Pete don’t need a shower!

"Please Bathe Me!"

It was raining, so we decided to take the car there, which is parked underground beneath our building. Now, this should be easy, walk to the car, get in and go, right? No. I pass by this person’s parking spot and the simmering begins. FOUR YEARS ago this person dropped a red can of paint on the ground right next to the driver’s side of their car. Fine, it’s their spot, but a smattering of paint and the paint lid are STILL there after all this time. They refuse to pick up the damn paint lid!


I want to get up at 4 in the morning, head down there with a lighter and a screwdriver. Pry up the lid from the ground and use the lighter to heat up the bottom of the lid. Just as the paint on the other side begins to warm up, I want to slam it down on the driver’s side window, pressing it against it, then just leave my hand there for like 2 minutes, so it becomes fully adhered to the window. Then maybe they’ll notice the fucking BRIGHTLY COLOURED GARBAGE they’ve been so callous to ignore every time they step out of their fucking car!

So we make it to the theatre and things are looking up, and by up I mean the price of the fucking movie for two people was 31 fucking dollars! What the shit is that? On a Monday night?!? It’s ok, we head upstairs, craving the dinner we had yet to eat, only to be met by HORDES of salivating yuppies getting their weekly New York Fries/KFC fix. Long lines pushed through, we finally get our food (a steal at $30 total!) and settle in to a relatively empty theatre. Now here’s the thing about empty theatres/busses/streecars/doctors offices, why in the flying fuck is it that when there are many seats someone always has to come in and sit as close as possible to you? Hey, fuckface! Do you see the other seats around you? It’s a fucking 500 seat cinema, do you really have to plop your fucking ass DIRECTLY behind us?? That’s what this big fat guy did, sat right behind us. I don’t know if you’ve ever sat in front of a 350 lbs. man before, but let’s just say they usually haven’t mastered the art of breathing in a quiet fashion. As in it sounds like bigfoot just fucked a dinosaur and is basking in the afterglow while panting heavily.

Porno Mag for Dinosaurs

And THEN, the snoring started. You come to a children’s movie, by yourself, and you fall asleep? Granted, the fitness required to stay awake for 90 FUCKING MINUTES probably escapes your average behemoth, but come on!! And this shit was LOUD too. Remember the time you fell asleep next to a set of train tracks? Yeah, like that. Also, lay off on the booze, poindexter.

So why is the cinema business dying? High ticket prices? High Concession Prices? So much Italian Dressing stink that you GET high? No, friends, it's because it's a dying business model. Like commodore 64 programmers and paperback encyclopedias, it's on the outs. Enjoy it while it lasts, I sure as fuck didn't.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angry Gary's Angry Movie Review - Saw 5

Ah, the Saw universe, a world so fucking bewilderingly complex and well crafted that it took FIVE movies to fully cultivate the clever chronicle of a simple man and his killy-toys. I’m not proud to say I’ve seen all of these “films” by the same “writers” that penned the engrossing horror epics Feast and Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds.   Is that NOT a fucking porn?  Cause the porn name of that would be pretty easy to parody.  (ie. No changes needed.)  To appreciate just how good a fifth movie in a series can be, other famous “Quintilogies” in Hollywood history include Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach and Puppet master 5: The Final Chapter (after which they made 4 fucking more).

Do not see this movie. I took an early and painful tumble through its plot holes and somehow ended up in a different theatre altogether at one point. When the usher asked me for my ticket to THAT film, I looked around in disbelief and uttered “Saw 5?”, and he immediately understood and helped me back to the correct cinema.  A note to the filmmakers: a large sudden piercing violin every 3 fucking minutes is not an acceptable substitute for acting skills! Finally, with an editing style so choppy that it made the Bourne Identity look like motherfucking GONE WITH THE WIND by comparison, at the end of it all I was so angry that the butter on the floor around me started to bubble from the rage I emanated.  In other words, it totally cheesed. 2 Angry thumbs down! Saw 5 opens in wide release Friday.